Lessons from a Sloth


Ah, the noble sloth. Leaf connoisseur, lethargic denizen of the trees, midwife of Cryptoses choloepi. There are many lessons to be learned from this majestic animal. A sloth lives most of its life in isolation, expending as little energy as possible, coming down from its tree only to poop, and, when they feel like getting a bit of action, a female sloth will scream incessantly until she attracts the attention of a male. Continue reading “Lessons from a Sloth”


Slow Lorises Don’t Make Good Pets


I first learned about the slow loris during a late afternoon primatology lecture, back when I ¬†was working on an over-ambitious Bachelor of Science that would waste 3 years of my life, plunge me into student debt, and trigger the second worst depressive downswing I’ve ever had (though that’s a story for another time). Continue reading “Slow Lorises Don’t Make Good Pets”